Our interest in researching the "Glassby" family name started with a biscuit tin full of old photographs left behind by my wife's father, Ronald Glassby (1909-1993). My wife and I were both interested in identifying the people in the photographs so that we could catalogue and preserve them for posterity. The surname "Glassby" is relatively uncommon in the U.K., and for example there were only 55 "Glassby's" in the 1901 Census. The amount of information that we have collected over the last five years or so is staggering, and apart from our own researches we have been helped by substantial input from many other contributors, including J. R. Ashby (Mexborough & Doncaster Heritage Society), Joyce Whitehead, Susan Day, Brian Lewis, Yvonne Montgomery, Bernard Collier, David Hawkin, Virginia Persson, Cris Caird, Susan Piper and Glassby family members. Part of the joy of family history research is the discovery of information, but an equally satisfying part is sharing information with other interested parties. The idea of this website was to display an outline of the family history that we have discovered in the hope that we could make contact with distant relatives and descendants, whom we felt may get pleasure from reading it and be encouraged to make contact and share information.

If you have any information or photographs that you are willing to share or if you have any questions where you feel I may be able to help please get in touch by email to the address below.

Contact Michael Piper at the email address mjpiper@talktalk.net


Editor's Note:

Although I have researched many branches of the Glassby family down to present day descendants, I have restricted information on living descendants on this website. Also, I have stopped Births information at 1944 and Marriages information at 1950, althought I have the full set of information up to year 2000. I have included Deaths information in full. If you have a specific inquiry regarding your own branch of the family please contact me.


It is believed that all of the information presented in this website is either in the public domain or is not subject to any confidentiality or copyrigt restrictions. Permission to use information supplied by major contributors has been sought and granted, and sources of other information have been referenced. Should anyone believe that they have copyright in information or photographs shown and object to their use on this website, they are asked to contact me. The births / marriages / deaths pages are subject to Crown Copyright, and the Crown Copyright statement is displayed on each of the three pages.